The results

The Provider Performance Score is the overall score of a provider on all aspects of the survey, on a scale of 1-10. It is a score made up of various elements in which overall client satisfaction, likelihood of recommendation, average score on the survey themes and consistency of performance throughout regions have been considered. There are a large number of FM service providers active in the global IFM market. The providers included in the survey are some of the leading organizations in the industry, are all active internationally and all provide an integrated package of FM services.

Overall Provider Performance  Score

The average Provider Performance Score in the global IFM market is 8.1. This is considered high and it indicates that the global IFM market delivers its services in a highly valued manner. Interestingly, compared to previous Provider Performance Survey editions which only included the Dutch market (7.3 in 2019 and 7.5 in 2020), the average score achieved by the global FM Service providers is considerably higher.
The first place in this year’s survey goes to the FM service provider that is the youngest organization among the list of providers: Mace Operate. With a score of 8.5, Mace Operate was evaluated highly by its clients and scored particularly well on the themes Alignment with the core business and Operational Excellence. A close second place goes to Flexim (8.4), followed by the third to Jones Lang LaSalle (8.0). The fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively go to Sodexo (7.9), ISS (7.5) and CBRE (7.4).

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