Jones Lang LaSalle

Provider Performance Score


Jones Lang LaSalle

Location of headquarter:

Chicago, USA


Christian Ulbrich

Global revenue:

€16.6 bn

Revenue in facility services w.r.t. organization’s total revenue:


Number of employees globally:



Selection of clients: *

Hewlett Packard, PayPal, LinkedIn, Jaguar

*Organisations mentioned here have not necessarily participated in the survey.

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is a global commercial real estate services company with a foundation in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company offers a range of real estate services, whereby its property and portfolio management division proposes facilities management solutions as well as workplace strategy consultancy, business intelligence and smart buildings solutions, experience management solutions and more. JLL’s primary focus thus lies with management services, and as part of its IFM solution the company is known to generally work with subcontracted parties for the operational delivery of facility services. Hospitality and Real Estate Services are mostly self-delivered.

JLL’s strategy

JLL’s mission is to deliver exceptional strategic, fully-integrated services, best practices, and innovative solutions for real estate owners, occupiers, investors and develops worldwide. The company is active in 80 countries worldwide, extending across all continents but with a primary presence in the USA. It is expanding its activities in the Asia region and is gaining a bigger foothold in European markets. The company set out its “Thinking Beyond” strategic vision in 2016 in which it, amongst others, announced its ambitions to strengthen its global client approach, further expand its integrated solutions and to give significant attention to strengthening its technology and data capabilities. In doing so, JLL intends to establish itself as a market leader in technology and data within the real estate sector. As part of its strategic direction, JLL has undergone a global transformation programme in which it has restructured its divisions into a global business line structure, has invested in technological solutions as well as acquired several specialist technology companies and is looking integrate its real estate and facility management propositions so as to enhance the workplace experience of its customers. For the latter, JLL has repositioned its Corporate Solutions division in 2021 into ‘JLL Work Dynamics’ whereby the employee experience has become the primary focus.

Servicing international clients

When it comes to facilities management, JLL primarily offers Integrated Facilities Management solutions. With its origin in Real Estate, JLL has expanded its Facility Management activities first and foremost through existing relations with Real Estate clients. Acting as a facilities services integrator, the company exploits its global presence to offer its clients standardization possibilities across countries and regions whilst providing local expertise through its own local presence or by collaborating with subcontractors. The company sees that there is no ‘one size fits all’ method to serving large, international accounts but the company prides it approach, amongst others, on providing a single source of accountability and on a one team approach between JLL, its supply partners and the client. JLL is organized in such a way that its client account organizations are in direct communication with country management, whom in turn directly communicate with regional management. Through this structure, JLL seeks to facilitate and enhance international collaboration.     

Major developments in the international landscape

JLL sees major developments internationally in the rising investment allocations and globalization of capital flows to real estate, the growth in corporate outsourcing, urbanization and a 4th Industrial Revolution of technology. The accelerating trends of globalization, cost cutting, energy management and the outsourcing of real estate services by corporate occupiers have thereby led to JLL’s decision to reposition its Corporate Solutions services as JLL Work Dynamics. In doing so, JLL seeks to improve the user experience and implement more sustainable practices. In the post-pandemic era, the company predicts that the trend for organisations to outsource real estate services will be sustained and grow even further, and sees that clients will increasingly seek strategic advice on reimagining workspaces and workstyles to reinforce culture, attract talent and drive performance.


Alignment with the core business
Integration of services
Operational excellence
Innovation and continuous improvement
Reporting and financial management
Relationship and collaboration

Global presence

The visualisation denotes the FM service provider’s global presence based on its revenue realised in the corresponding regions in 2021.

Not active
< 10%
10 – 25%
26 – 50%
> 50%

Cultural model

The culture description of the organisation was created by having the participating provider complete a questionnaire. The culture model used is based on the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) model of Quinn and Cameron. In this model, a division has been made of four corporate cultures that indicate the way in which an organization works. Read a short explanation per company culture here.

Service categories

Food Services

(e.g. catering, vending, banqueting)
Mostly or always subcontracted

Cleaning Services

(e.g. office cleaning, industrial/cleanroom cleaning, waste management, sanitary supplies)
Mostly or always subcontracted

Hospitality Services

(e.g. reception, contact center, meeting center, hospitality hosts)
Mostly or always selfprovided

Document Management Services

(e.g. (digital) mailroom, archive, in/outbound courier)
Partially selfprovided and partially subcontracted


(e.g. handyman, building, installation, industrial)
Partially selfprovided and partially subcontracted


(e.g. physical, ERT)
Mostly or always subcontracted

Facility Management Services

(e.g. operational coordination, service desk, contract management, client management)
Mostly or always selfprovided

Real Estate Services

(e.g. advisory, transaction, project management, workplace management)
Mostly or always selfprovided
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