ISS Facility Services

Provider Performance Score


ISS Facility Services

Location of headquarter:

Copenhagen, Denmark


Jacob Aarup-Andersen

Global revenue:

€ 9.4 bn

Revenue in facility services w.r.t. organization’s total revenue:

75% - 100%

Number of employees globally:



Selection of clients: *

Cargill, Nestlé, Lego, Barclays

*Organisations mentioned here have not necessarily participated in the survey.

Core competencies

  1. People-oriented
  2. Results-oriented
  3. Teamwork/collaboration
  4. Service-oriented
  5. Efficient
  6. Involved
  7. Innovative
  8. Analytical
  9. Communicative
  10. Decisive

ISS Facility Services is a globally operating Danish-owned integrated facility management organisation. Being active in over 45 countries, ISS delivers its services on both local and global level. With over 350,000 employees, the organisation is considered one of the largest facility management companies in the world.

ISS’s organisational strategy

ISS delivers a bundled service provision to its clients. The core services provided in these contracts are predominantly cleaning, food, technical services and workplace solutions. ISS identifies itself as a key account-focused organisation, aiming to create long-term relationships with large key clients. ISS indicates that these key account customers are becoming increasingly willing to bundle their company-wide service solutions. Key account costumers also provide opportunities for ISS employees. Full-time work combined with training, development and career progression. Furthermore, these large clients allow ISS to create more value for shareholders in the form of stronger growth, higher margins and greater free cashflow generation. Finally, key accounts also place a high importance on corporate responsibility which allows ISS to create more value for society through our impact on people, places and planet.

Distinguishing from the competition

The most important reason for customers to partner with ISS are the people, the employees of ISS. ISS cares about their people, so that they, in turn, care about the places they maintain, the people they serve and the planet they seek to protect. ISS invests in training and development for their employees, so that they can come closer to their own career- and life aspirations. For that reason, ISS values characteristics such as self-delivery credentials, taking responsibility and taking ownership for outcomes. In addition, ISS sets high standards for their service delivery and implements intelligent solutions. With the growing use of technology and data, and with its own committed, trained and empowered workforce, ISS can make smarter strategic recommendations.

Servicing international clients

ISS is a country-centric organisation. The vast majority of ISS’s business is organised locally. All business is executed locally, and all employees are hired locally. ‘OneISS’ represents a new approach to establish global connectivity throughout ISS. Core to this program is to globally align ISS’s operating model and organisational structure, while remaining a country-centric organisation. OneISS stands for a Stronger, Simpler and Closer company:

  • A stronger company that will enhance capabilities in innovation, best practice and technology – to ensure ISS can design and deliver industry-leading value propositions that support key account customers with tangible business outcomes.
  • A simpler company that works more cohesively across group and countries, and is more transparent so that all key account customers benefit.
  • A closer company that becomes even closer to ISS customers – supporting them every step of the way so that they can focus on their core business and achieve their purpose.


Alignment with the core business
Integration of services
Operational excellence
Innovation and continuous improvement
Reporting and financial management
Relationship and collaboration

Global presence

The visualisation denotes the FM service provider’s global presence based on its revenue realised in the corresponding regions in 2021.

Not active
< 10%
10 – 25%
26 – 50%
> 50%

Cultural model

The culture description of the organisation was created by having the participating provider complete a questionnaire. The culture model used is based on the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) model of Quinn and Cameron. In this model, a division has been made of four corporate cultures that indicate the way in which an organization works. Read a short explanation per company culture here.

The cultural model of ISS was not created. ISS has provided the following statement: Investing in its people is essential to ISS’s 2025 ambition of achieving industry-leading customer and employee engagement. The ISS people play a key role by demonstrating the right behaviours, the right values and by embracing the unified mindset required to deliver on its strategy. The five ISS values, which are the cultural drivers behind OneISS, guide its people to be great service professionals and responsible citizens. Alongside the values of Honesty, Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Quality, ISS launched Unity in 2021. Unity is closely linked to its strategic focus on promoting diversity, inclusion and belonging and highlights the sense of trust and empowerment that diverse teams feel within ISS.

Service categories

Food Services

(e.g. catering, vending, banqueting)
Mostly or always selfprovided

Cleaning Services

(e.g. office cleaning, industrial/cleanroom cleaning, waste management, sanitary supplies)
Mostly or always selfprovided

Hospitality Services

(e.g. reception, contact center, meeting center, hospitality hosts)
Mostly or always selfprovided

Document Management Services

(e.g. (digital) mailroom, archive, in/outbound courier)
Partially selfprovided and partially subcontracted


(e.g. handyman, building, installation, industrial)
Mostly or always selfprovided


(e.g. physical, ERT)
Mostly or always subcontracted

Facility Management Services

(e.g. operational coordination, service desk, contract management, client management)
Mostly or always selfprovided

Real Estate Services

(e.g. advisory, transaction, project management, workplace management)
Mostly or always subcontracted
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