Flexim Group

Provider Performance Score


Flexim Group

Location of headquarter:

Lutry, Switzerland


Stephen Cointre

Global revenue:

€92 mln

Revenue in facility services w.r.t. organization’s total revenue:

75% - 100%

Number of employees globally:



Selection of clients: *

Bacardi, Capital International

*Organisations mentioned here have not necessarily participated in the survey.

Core competencies

  1. Involved
  2. People-oriented
  3. Teamwork/collaboration
  4. Results-oriented
  5. Service-oriented
  6. Communicative
  7. Efficient
  8. Innovative
  9. Decisive
  10. Analytical

Flexim Group is a Swiss provider of FM services and delivers facility management solutions for both hard and soft services. The company does so through different delivery models including single services, bundled services and Integrated Facilities Management. Aside from facility management, its range of services includes logistics services and real estate project management. Flexim Group’s primary presence is in Europe, however the company has expanded its activities in 2021 to the United States and is currently expanding further to Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Flexim’s organisational strategy

Flexim provides facility management services in 17 countries across 3 continents and prides itself in creating tailor-made FM solutions. Founded in 1998 in Switzerland, the company took the years after (2007-2021) to repeatedly enlarge its business throughout the rest of Europe. Whereas originally the company delivered its IFM services through strategic partnerships with different subcontractors, in recent years it has put significant effort into enabling self-delivery of crucial operational activities. For soft services the company has for example set up a separate division with a focus on delivering hospitality services: Elixim. In doing so, the company can now self-deliver both management, hard and soft services. Flexim’s ambition is to achieve market leadership through service excellence and extreme customer centricity. The company is organised both structurally as well as through its system landscape as such that it can operate and respond to client needs and wishes in a very customer friendly and flexible way. It does so by operating as an ecosystem of complementary specialists, whereby international accounts are centrally managed and local specialists are deployed to make use of local knowledge, expertise and operational executive strength. To support this flexible model, Flexim is developing itself more and more as a smart ‘platform organisation’, meaning that it is building its own business intelligence data and tools as well as uses existing tools to allow for easy plug-in solutions for its clients. By further developing data- and insight driven solutions, B2B2C service concepts and smart digital services Flexim aims to contribute more and more to the success of people and the organisations it works for.

Servicing international clients

Flexim provides international accounts with a customer-specific account organisation led by a director with ultimate responsibility. It tailor-makes the account organisation based on its agile ecosystem and platform approach, whereby the operational services are provided by the country organisation based on specific local knowledge and skills. The account teams are facilitated from the shared service centre. Most of Flexim’s contracts are output and performance based and set for a long term partnership. Flexim’s international expansion comes through organic growth and essentially responding to its customers’ needs and wishes. Flexim is not focused on expanding to different geographical countries or regions but rather grows and expands where their customers need them. The way in which services are delivered internationally thereby varies and is dependent on the customers’ wishes. The service itself is similar across all markets however the way in which Flexim works with its subcontractors may differ.

Major developments in the international landscape

Flexim sees that the demand for smart integrated service concepts continues to increase. The need for increasingly efficient services is evident, but Flexim also sees an increasing need for providers that really add value and contribute to achieving the objectives of organisations. Employees and guests of organisations are more and more facilitated in a B2B2C-oriented way. Data-driven and insight-driven is important here, but also the way in which the services are organised. The entire approach of Flexim is aimed at responding to the manifest and latent needs of clients and provide tailor-made, smart organized, insight driven services. Flexim organizes itself globally based on a platform approach in an agile way, close to its clients’ needs and develops smart tooling to achieve this.

Moreover, Flexim is emphatically committed to compliance and making buildings and facility services more sustainable. The company advises and guides international clients in realizing their sustainability ambitions and gives a lot of attention internationally to sustainability. Flexim has for instance developed an in-house software application called the Building Document Register, which helps to ensure compliance with laws and regulations for all real estate-related assets.


Alignment with the core business
Integration of services
Operational excellence
Innovation and continuous improvement
Reporting and financial management
Relationship and collaboration

Global presence

The visualisation denotes the FM service provider’s global presence based on its revenue realised in the corresponding regions in 2021.

Not active
< 10%
10 – 25%
26 – 50%
> 50%

Cultural model

The culture description of the organisation was created by having the participating provider complete a questionnaire. The culture model used is based on the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) model of Quinn and Cameron. In this model, a division has been made of four corporate cultures that indicate the way in which an organization works. Read a short explanation per company culture here.

Service categories

Food Services

(e.g. catering, vending, banqueting)
Mostly or always subcontracted

Cleaning Services

(e.g. office cleaning, industrial/cleanroom cleaning, waste management, sanitary supplies)
Partially selfprovided and partially subcontracted

Hospitality Services

(e.g. reception, contact center, meeting center, hospitality hosts)
Mostly or always selfprovided

Document Management Services

(e.g. (digital) mailroom, archive, in/outbound courier)
Partially selfprovided and partially subcontracted


(e.g. handyman, building, installation, industrial)
Mostly or always selfprovided


(e.g. physical, ERT)
Mostly or always subcontracted

Facility Management Services

(e.g. operational coordination, service desk, contract management, client management)
Mostly or always selfprovided

Real Estate Services

(e.g. advisory, transaction, project management, workplace management)
Partially selfprovided and partially subcontracted
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